Lily Monstrosity

After the agony of painting poinsettia, I told myself that I would take it easy for my next painting and not try anything challenging. Then I saw a picture of a child sitting on a Victoria lily. Damn.


Despite being much more difficult than the poinsettia and despite the many hours wasted as I tried to figure how the hell do I do a background, I actually found this piece much more enjoyable to work on. It probably helped that I wasn’t trying to be accurate. What does a river look like? Just shut up and paint it.

 Lily1Lily2 Lily3 Lily4 Lily5 Lily6 Lily72015Apr2

This time I’m going to take it easy and not challenge myself…


One thought on “Lily Monstrosity

  1. Amazing! I don’t even know where to start– the texture of the lilypads, the beautiful draping of the skirt, the rippling reflections… Stunning, all of it! 😀

    Also, I had seen photos of Victoria lilies but apparently not in comparison with people or animals because I had no idea how massive they are until I Googled some images today. Wow– what a cool plant! Yay for learning new things!


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