Zebra Cake

One of the few good things about my work are the people and the food. We love to sit together and share our baked treats. Or ice cream. I love my supervisor’s ice cream machine. I want one.

A birthday can’t go by without cake! This year my supervisor gave me the challenge of making her a fancy cake for her birthday. I decided to attempt a zebra cake. My piping skills are nonexistent so I figured that a zebra cake would be a more attainable goal than piped roses in a beautiful colourful gradient (which would get ruined on the train journey anyway). *Sigh* So pretty…

Making the cake was both easy and fun. I can’t believe how well it turned out with minimal skill. I should abuse food colouring more often.


Decorating the outside of the cake wasn’t so fun. My cakes tend to lack icing so I have no skill in icing a whole cake. My patience had died by the time I reached the fondant so they really don’t look like zebra stripes. Nevertheless, my colleagues were impressed with my cake. Or pretended to look impressed, which is just as good. 😛

Some shops sell beautiful cakes that disappoint when you bite into them so I was expecting that this recipe would deliver style over substance. But the cake was lovely. It was the buttercream icing that let the cake down – way too sweet! If I ever try this again then I’m going to use a cream cheese icing. Or perhaps a lemon icing?


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