Craftsy Sewing With Knits

There are a few clearance shops near my work. I normally walk past the one with the designer brands. The dressed mannequins in the window are usually stunning but way beyond what I spend on clothes, even discounted. So I was surprised to learn from a colleague that the store also contained designer fabrics and at great prices. I paid the store a visit and was blown away. Designer fabrics for cheaper than fabrics on sale at a fabric chain store!

I walked out of there with four beautiful fabrics, including three lovely stripped knits. Such self-restraint! As I boarded my train home I realised that I actually had no idea what to do with these fabrics. Whoops! Luckily my colleague helped out again by introducing me to Craftsy, which included the class Sewing With Knits by Meg McElwee. I signed up, printed all the course material at work when no one was looking and then reprinted the patterns when no one was looking because I forgot that the US use a letterhead instead of A4. Oh you crazy Americans 😛

The first class project is a hoodie. None of my designer fabrics were suitable so I went in search of fleece knit at my local chain store. None of the fabrics around the “fleece” sign matched Meg’s description of the fabric. Not that I was sure what it was looking for. I didn’t really follow the fabric lesson. Meg kept saying “wale” and I kept picturing fabric with cartoon whale print. I had no idea which of the many fabrics was a suitable replacement so I panicked and grabbed the nearest thing that didn’t look like pyjamas or was ugly. According to my receipt, it is ribbing. See, I learned something! Thanks receipt. (Oh course, I found fleece fabric in another store after I’d already started and also didn’t have any money).

Can you make a hoodie with ribbing? I’m going to say that it wasn’t a good choice but I quite like the idea of using my new hoodie as PJs. After I wash it. I tried WashAway Wonder Tape and it smells really bad!


I’m really pleased with how well it turned out and how easy it was. It was my first time using a twin needle and I love it! I’ve learned so much from this class and will definitely look into more Craftsy classes when I have money to splurge.

Now onto those designer knits!


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