Zumbo’s Pieburger

I love pies. When I saw that Taste magazine featured a Zumbo Burger Pie recipe, I knew I had to try it at least once. Many people on the internets seem to be repulsed by the pieburger but I think it’s a wonderful idea.

Adriano Zumbo is a celebrity chef that often makes an appearance on Masterchef Australia. He helped make macarons trendy (and isn’t afraid to put pig’s blood in them). I love watching the contestants try to recreate the delicious monstrosities that Zumbo whips up. I lack the knowledge and skill to ever appear on a TV cooking competition but this pie recipe seemed ideal to try out with my current skill level.

I tried to follow the recipe as faithfully as possible. I chose the expensive cut of meat specified. I measured the salt to the listed weight. I forgot to buy a tomato and used sourdough bread flour. Plus, the cooking times were very different from the recipe. Still, I think I was pretty faithful. It took many many hours to make but went so smoothly (for me) and I was so excited to take the pies out of the oven. I should have let them brown more but I was so impatient! I wanted to eat one right away.

Could I have made this two years ago? Hell no!

Salt overload! I think a single pie exceeds the recommended salt intake for the month!

The pastry had a lovely flakiness. The filling had a good consistency. But how does it taste? I have no idea. The salt has drowned out everything else. Perhaps I made a mistake? I did follow the measurements accurately but maybe something did go wrong along the way? I’d love to taste one made by Zumbo and compare.

The one good thing (or “hero of the dish” in crazy-TV-speech) was the bun. It took twice as long to bake as the recipe stated but it wasn’t too salty and it actually worked. My only other attempt at making bread without a bread maker doing all the work was a solid brick. With my low expectations I was incredibly surprised. All those hours paid off.

I really like the idea of a pie topped with a burger bun and I’m really glad I tried it but this was not the right recipe for me. It was expensive, time-consuming, and lacked a big enough reward at the end. Even with a fraction of the salt I don’t think the filling is anything special enough to justify the cost. I’ll hang onto the bun recipe but I won’t be using it to make a Zumbo pie. I’ll develop my own pieburger šŸ™‚


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