I hate neckbands

Continuing on with my Sewing With Knits class on Craftsy, I’ve made a few basic tops using some gorgeous designer fabric from a clearance store. It still boggles my mind how cheap the fabric is (particularly when you compare with how expensive the designer clothes are!).

KnitTop1The black collar was a fluke but I love the effect! The collar doesn’t sit well unless I pull the top down and don’t move but it’s my first go so I don’t mind. I could always make another one if I wanted. I have enough of the fabric to make another two or three tops!

My v-neck top wasn’t so fun. The bobbin kept acting up so I had to do some unpicking and a lot of re-threading. Then I got to the neckband and fuck was that impossible. I just could not get that stupid V centered. I was ready to fling the thing across the room when I decided to cut out a new neckband and make start making shit up. It still took a lot of unpicking but I got the collar to overlap at the V. It is far from perfect and doesn’t look as nice as the original design but it does sit better than the other t-shirt and an imperfect collar is better than getting so angry that I set the stupid thing on fire.

It is very windy and an insect bit me

One more striped knit to go! I already have the pieces cut out and waiting.


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