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The Paloma Top

All throughout the Sewing With Knits class, Meg McElwee has been wearing her paloma top. It’s a clever strategy as I’m sure I’m not the only one who wanted to make it after watching her classes. I love the stripes running in the different directions. My final fabric even looks similar to Meg’s top.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well. The fabric was horrible to cut out and wasn’t fun to sew. The sleeves were a nightmare. I couldn’t get the notches to match without stretching the fabric too much. And the corners were too difficult for me. What are sleeves doing with corners?! I almost gave up entirely but I really wanted my stripy top so in the end I stopped trying to line up everything properly and just sewed the damn thing. I’m too scared to finish the neck so I’ve left it untouched.

Apparently this is a beginner pattern…(;-_-)


It could be worse. I’ll still wear it. It doesn’t look so bad from a distance and no one at work needs to know how it should look. But I’m still really disappointed.

In other news: things are pretty crap right now. Since the company take-over I’ve grown to hate my job. And at the start of the month they announced that we would be relocating in August. My commute is going to change from tolerable to agony. I’ve started hunting for a new job but that isn’t going well. I keep telling myself that a job is better than no job but I honestly don’t know how I’m going to cope.


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