Everything is awesome

goodnewseveryone-professor_zpsd9f36e14I try not to post too much about work online. It doesn’t feel right to me. I cringe whenever I see my ex-colleague complaining about work online. But damn, it almost seems like the company has a bet on to see just how much crap they can lay on us before we crack. I feel so broken and devalued.

As soon as we’ve grown accustomed to the latest drama, we’re called into a meeting and Surprise! It is actually impressive just how much worse they can make things. It’s a skill.

My supervisor has had to talk me out of considering resigning without a new job lined up. The only thing keeping me going is the thought of how glorious it will be when I finally hand in my resignation. That and the cakes. I’ve managed to convince the people resigning that they have to bake me cakes. I still can’t believe they’ve fallen for it… 😀

I have been job-hunting but it is so time-consuming and draining. I actually managed to get an interview last week. But then my grandad and uncle died and that was pretty devastating. I did manage to attend the interview (almost ran away when I had to listen to some dickhead on the train shout into the phone “He’s dead! He’s dead!”) but I don’t really remember the interview. Oh-well. Hopefully some other opportunities come my way soon. Then I can get back to all my fun creative hobbies.


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