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Ridiculous cake is ridiculous

My supervisor is abandoning me for another job ;_;

I made the mistake of letting her pick her farewell cake. I was thinking along the lines of flavour, perhaps a lemon drizzle or a chocolate mud cake. Alas, she wanted a Deathstar cake. With glitter.

I’ve never made a spherical cake before, I have no idea what I’m doing. I used the cake batter from the zebra cake and used lots of colouring. If I’m going to make a ridiculous cake then I’m going to go all out and make it look as ridiculous as possible. Swirling the colours all over the pudding pan was very therapeutic. This has been such an awful month, I really needed an opportunity to make a colourful mess.

I baked the cake at 160C for 1 hr 40 mins, with water added to the oven. I was so worried that it would be burnt on the outside and raw on the inside but it turned out just right. I think an oil based cake was a good move.

Then I turned the cake out and some of it stayed in the pan. Why? ;_;

deathstar3The icing for the zebra cake was a little too sweet for my tastes so this time I went with a lemon cream cheese icing. It tastes delicious but made way too much. Now I have heaps of ugly grey icing in my freezer.

As for the details, I still have a big expensive tub of blue fondant icing that needs using up. Accuracy is overrated, blue deathstars are trendy. Shut up!

Did I mention that I have no idea what I’m doing?


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