Getting Organised

Back when I attended sewing classes in 2013, I had no idea if sewing was a passing faze or not. The fabric I purchased for the classes were dumped in plastic bags on an old coffee table in my study. The bags accumulated as the months went by and it quickly became clear that this was not a faze and I needed to work on my storage.

Last year my parents gave me a storage unit for my birthday. Such a difference! Not only can I clearly see what I have but I can group fabric based on type and whether or not I have actually used the fabric yet. Almost as fun as creating the perfect house on Animal Crossing. However…


I cannot fold fabric for the life of me. If I tried to fold the tablecloths from our craft market stall, mum would give me a Look before refolding them. I don’t even bother trying to fold my linen, it just gets thrown into the closet.

All the beautiful sewing spaces on Pinterest make me feel very inadequate and envious. Thankfully, Pinterest also provided a solution! Using a cardboard template to fold fabric. Genius! Now my folding has gone from terrible to tolerable.


I still have too many ugly bags of junk. Plastic containers are only a step above bags. I need to think it through. And procrastinate on Pinterest.


One thought on “Getting Organised

  1. This looks great! I have a suggestion for replacing your plastic boxes which I have just discovered myself – glass mason jars! Mine have ceramic tops with different patterns on them. It’s such a nice way to display sewing bits and bobs whilst also keeping them tidy! I also recently saw a tutorial for jam jar covers out of scraps of fabric. That way you can use old jars to store buttons, thread, zippers and co and then just cover with a little cover! Happy tidying!


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