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Angel cross stitch

I can’t believe I’ve finally finished this! Woohoo!

Angel Cross Stitch
As usual, the photo does not do it justice

I started this shortly after Kira the dog died. So from conception to framing, it’s taken well over a year to complete.

As usual with my original designs, I started by creating a pixel art piece and manually converting it into a cross stitch pattern. Then I spent months figuring out how the hell to make it work out. It’s both a frustrating and satisfying process. It might not seem like it but most of the cross stitch has deviated from the original pixel art. Pretty much all of it has been unstitched and redone to get it just right.

Some of the problem was that a single square of colour just wasn’t right (to me, at least) and I just had to change it. This is fine for pixel art – all I need to do is one simple tap of my tablet pen. And if I change my mind, there is always Ctrl+Z. With cross stitch, changing a single stitch requires unpicking a whole damn thread, followed by restitching. Heaven forbid I change my mind again and have to unstitch it all over again. Sometimes I can be a very undecided person. But the end results make it worth it. 🙂

You can see in the progress shots below that I spent a fair bit of time trying out different colour combinations (and then unpicking them…). The red hair didn’t work, the skin was too dark, the brown hair had the wrong contrast, the wings looked better paler…I thought it’d never end!


I’m selling the pattern on my mum’s website if anyone is interested. Please help fund my future projects 😉


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