The Year That Was

I can’t express enough how eagerly I’ve awaited 2016.

2015 was a really bad year. Late 2014 the small company I worked for was purchased by a much larger one. It soon became clear that it was not a good company to work for. As the months wore on I fell deeper into survival-mode and disconnected from everything. All my energy went into work and job hunting. I wanted to do my art but I just couldn’t. The passion was gone.

The second half of the year was the worst. We relocated further from home and I’ve been travelling 3 1/2 hrs each day since August (at least the company let me work four-day weeks so that helped a little bit). And my supervisor resigned so I was left trying to do the work of four people with a backlog of work thanks to the move. It just wasn’t possible and I was drowning.

That, in combination with a little bit of family issues, sent me over the edge. I woke up one September day unable to stop crying. So I took myself to a medical centre and got help. Thanks to that I’ve been getting better and turning my life around bit by bit. My job still sucked but I felt myself again. The depression over the year was so gradual that I hadn’t even realised that I had lost myself and it was such a wonderful feeling to get me back.

Best of all, my months of hard work finally paid off and I was offered a job! I spent a week bouncing around the house giggling to myself 🙂 People at work have been commenting how happy I’ve been and telling me to stop smiling. Which just makes me smile even more…

So in this crap year of crapness, December has been a really awesome month (aside from all the needles I’ve had to get for the new job). I cannot wait to start my new job in the middle of January. It is such amazing timing as well to start a new job in a new year. A fresh start.

Bring on 2016!


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