New Look 6268 and 6843

I don’t know about other bloggers but most of the time I’ll think of a post that I want to make but the moment I click the New Post button, I can’t think of what to write…

Whenever I’m in a fabric store, I tend to choose fabric based on price and how pretty it is, not on practicality. I have a few failed outfits thanks to poor choice in fabric. The fabric I used for this top was so stretchy and slippery that I did a terrible job sewing it. Thankfully I chose a pattern (New Look 6268) that is a little more forgiving than others and I’m sure people will only notice how bad it is if I shove it in their face.

The model on the pattern packet was wearing a little white skirt, which got me thinking that one of my own would be nice. I had enough left-over fabric that the cost was negligible. The pattern (New Look 6843) I chose was the very first one that I ever used. I’ve certainly come a long way since then.

While I was initially sad to stop going to sewing classes, now I feel that it was a good idea. Sure, there are many things that I would learn better with one-on-one help. But now I am no longer relying on a single person to tell me what to do and the internet is teaching me a lot of techniques that I doubt the teacher would have shown me. For this skirt it had been so long since I had sewn a normal zip that I had actually forgotten how to do it. By googling, I discovered a different method that I think looks so much better than what my teacher showed me. What would I do without the internet?


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