New Look 6371

How can it already be March?! I haven’t really been that productive this year. I was really hoping that coming out of depression would make me more motivated to create awesome things. I have all these ideas but not the motivation.

I’m not entirely satisfied with this dress. Somehow I expected that it would be more shaped than it was. I guess the angle of the model on the pattern packet gave me the wrong impression. I did shape my dress a little bit while adjusting the size (the smallest size on the pattern was too big for me) but I still feel like it needs more shape. I was also planning on adding sleeves but they just enhanced my feeling that the dress wasn’t that good.

And now summer is over and it’s time to focus on making clothes for winter (which hopefully I’ll finish before winter ends…XD). Hopefully by next summer my expectations will have faded and I’ll be able to properly appreciate my new dress.



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