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So many cakes

Yesterday my mum and I went to a cake expo. I’d never been to one before. Wow, there were so many amazing cakes. It makes me want to quit my job and spend all day baking, ignoring the issue that I would run out of money pretty quickly.

There was a stall that allowed people to decorate a cupcake for free, using their products. It was really fun. I’ve always focused more on baking and ignoring decorating but this combined with watching a piping demonstration has sparked my desire to pipe icing onto everything I bake XD


My mum didn’t like her piping so she artfully hid it XD Now that I think about it, cupcake decorating parties are a great idea.


The cakes in the competition looked amazing. I’d love to see the process that the competitors went through to make them, from concept to execution.


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