Project Kitchen

It started with a loose screw. One of the kitchen cupboard doors would come off the hinges whenever I opened it. It took a long time for me to be annoyed enough to spend a minute tightening the screw. But then I started thinking – wouldn’t it look better without the doors?


I have no experience in this sort of thing and did have my doubts but the thought was stuck in my head. Removing the doors was easy. But before I truly committed, I filled the shelves with things to see how it would look. I could always change my mind and put the doors back on. It didn’t look bad so I proceeded.



At this point the main issue was that one of the hinge screws was so worn that I had to file new grooves for the screwdriver. Much swearing was involved.


The next step was sanding. For whatever reason the previous home owner had painted the shelves. The paint itself was wrong for the shelves and could be scraped off with a fingernail or heavy pot. It was horrible and had to go. I borrowed my stepdad’s tools and proceeded to sand over many weekends. My house was filthy for weeks and I hated it.

Choosing the right paint colour was stressful. The kitchen has peach cupboards, blue glass splash back, and light walls that look vaguely greenish brown against the other colours. What colour would not make my shelves look shit? In the end I tried to match it with the splash back, which isn’t easy considering the blue glass looks different depending on the light. My choice on paint is not a perfect match (though you can’t tell in the photo) but I am amazed at how close I got.


All in all I’m very pleased with the result. It makes the kitchen look more open and I am now better utilising the space. Before, those cupboards mainly contained junk and now they are displaying things that I actually use. I also moved the microwave, which frees up more bench space.


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