McCall’s M7244

I had big plans to make lots of clothes for autumn and winter. But now we are in our second month of winter and I’ve only made one dress (and I feel like most days are way too cold to wear it!). I would probably be better off making winter clothes during summer and vice versa.

This is actually my first time using a McCall’s pattern. The dress also had lining, which I’ve never done for knitted material before. I made two changes. The first was to have an exposed zip. To be honest, the dress is so stretchy that a zip wasn’t needed at all. The second change was to add a neckband. I thought it looked nice with the striped material so I played around to make it work.

I did a fairly good job matching the stripes (for me at least) but one of the back panels didn’t match up the rest of the dress. How frustrating! I had just enough material left to try cutting a new piece.


My second attempt was a better match but still not right. So I shifted the panel to make it match. The problem with this was that I did not trim the neckline to make it even and completely forgot about it when I was attaching the neckband. FFS!


Now the I have finally finished, I wish I had put more shape in the waist. And I can’t seem to press the seams out of the way of the sleeves so they look annoyingly puffy. After all the drama, I’m left feeling a little disappointed. But at least I can move onto other projects.



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