Digital Painting Class

For the past month I’ve been attending a digital painting class on backgrounds. Four hours over four weeks and only a 20min walk from my house. It cost a bit more than I would like to spend but I’ve really wanted to improve my backgrounds and I’m really amazed that something like this is being held in my outer suburb.

The program we used was Clip Studio Paint. I was hesitant to buy an art program I might never use again so I downloaded the trial version. I didn’t even bother to try and familiarise myself with the program. That was a big mistake!

The teacher went fast. Very fast. I struggled to keep up. I felt like I was out of my depth and didn’t belong there. I felt bad interrupting her to ask where the ruler button was. Then I discovered that the trial version of the program couldn’t do things like copy or save. At that point I gave up trying to keep up and focused on what the teacher was saying.

Back at home I purchased the program and got down work. Following the lesson tasks at my own pace was easy and much more satisfying as I was able to think about my design. Unfortunately, I was overambitious and went a more complicated design than was practical for a beginner.


The second week focused on greyscale lightsourcing.


The third week focused on picking colours using the Yummy colour wheel. To be honest, I tend to ignore colour wheel theory and just go with whatever colour I want. But this class has changed my mind. The teacher recommended a colour theory book by James Gurney and I am eagerly awaiting my copy in the mail.

This week also made realise that my rough sketch was much rougher than it should be and my design far too ambitious to render in a week whilst working full time. It didn’t help


In the final class we were taught how to make our own brushes (for things like trees) and other cool effects, most of which I couldn’t apply to my own picture (partially because my layers are poorly organised). But at this point I hated my picture anyway…


I have no intention of ever finishing this. But I did learn a lot and am keen to keep practicing. Just as soon as I finish the pictures that I’ve had in the works for months…


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