Sweet Overload

Yesterday I sent to a Cake Bake & Sweets Show. I was blown away by the beautiful cakes and amazed at the many decorating products that are available. I was very restrained in my spending but had plenty of delicious samples. (I’m also a little confused – why was there a stall selling lingerie?).

A few stalls promoted their products by allowing visitors to decorate their own treats. I had a lot of trouble getting the icing to stick on my cupcake and it doesn’t look as nice as the one I did earlier in the year.


My boyfriend did a much better job, focusing on chocolate shapes instead of icing. And went crazy decorating his doughnut and making me jealous (my doughnut was a unicorn pooping rainbows…). I love making cupcakes with him (and not just because he fills the piping bags for me).

The competition cakes were stunning. There are some truly talented people out there. I wish I could make something a quarter as appealing as these cakes.


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