Rory and the Snake

Australia is a country where all the wildlife is trying to kill you. This is an exaggeration that we larrikin Aussies love to cultivate. We even invent deadly animals to tease the foreigners with (though to be honest, we’ll happily talk about them in the absence of foreigners). We may laugh about it and take pride in it but the fact remains that we do have a large amount of venomous animals.

I decided to spend yesterday’s public holidays with my parents cuddling labradors. It was clear that something was wrong when I met my parents at the train station. They told me that Rory had been bitten by a snake a few days before and were on their way to pick him up from the emergency centre.


It was a black snake so the best of the snake options (though still very deadly). He has difficulty getting up and half his face is droopy but was treated with anti-venom before his kidneys started to fail so he should recover as well as an elderly dog can. He was very keen to leave the vet when he saw us.


Daisy was over the moon when Rory came home. She was bouncing around with excitement but I think she also took care around him as she could tell that he wasn’t well. Initially Rory was restless and couldn’t settle but eventually he did manage to find enough comfort to sleep the rest of the day and night away.roryhome

Our main concern has been food. At the emergency centre he wasn’t eating though the vet did say that he wanted to so the nausea is probably stopping him. Mum and I have been offering him tiny amounts of chicken, lamb, and cheese throughout the day (whilst trying not to feed Daisy). Yesterday he ate a tiny amount but mainly rejected food. Today he has much more of an appetite and his urine has returned to a normal colour. Poor boy. Please stay from snakes.


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