That took longer than I thought

I’ve had Craftsy’s Motor City Express Jacket class on my to-do list for well over a year now. This is the biggest project that I’ve ever attempted. I’m not sure I’m yet up to the task.

The class is designed to be as efficient as possible, rather than running back and forth between the sewing machine and iron etc. Despite the efficiency, it is still taking me months just to prep for sewing (I get easily distracted by other hobbies but still…). It’s hard to stay motivated with all this cutting and prep. (And hard to keep my workspace organised.)


So much fabric to cut! And interlining and underlining. I’ve never lined like that before. I can’t say that I’m impressed with my efforts. Not all of the interfacing is fusing to the fabric, causing an ugly bubbling effect on the fabric. I’ve ironed the pieces again and again but it just isn’t fusing, I even managed to burn a section of interfacing! I am hoping that it wont be noticeable when I’m wearing it and natural creases are created but I don’t have much faith in my jacket.

I’m particularly worried because I don’t have any fabric left over in case of an emergency. If I ruin the pieces I’ve cut then that’s it for this project. Game Over. The fabric was in the remnant discount section and there was just enough to cut out each piece. I had thought about making a cream and black jacket but I couldn’t pass up the price of the raspberry fabric, and it was the same colour using in the video tutorials, which I thought looked good.

Finally I am ready to begin sewing! How long will it take?


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