Oh Deer


The moment I saw this pattern (Simplicity 1218), I knew I had to attempt it! It is just so ridiculous and cute. My mum gave it to me as a birthday present in 2015 and I did not start it until a year later.

Lumpy3.jpgIf you have browsed my past posts, you would see that my few attempts at soft toys have not been too successful. Because of my past experiences, I spent a lot of time procrastinating and this project has dragged for months. Then I got up to sewing the antlers and they drooped. I think this would be an expected issue? But the instructions make no mention of preventing droopy antlers? I feel like that should have been mentioned instead of assuming people know what they’re doing…

Thankfully my handy engineering boyfriend gave me some wire and told me the best way to rig it.

I’m pretty pleased with my deer head. I’ve named him Lumpy because my sewing wasn’t great and he looks lumpy because of it. Sewing soft toys is a lot harder than clothes but I think I’m getting a little bit better. Lumpy now adorns my study.



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