My beautiful redhead


I have spent many many months painting a portrait of my boyfriend. Not only do I think he’s gorgeous but he also presents a great artistic challenge. Personally I’d be weirded out if someone decided to make a portrait of me. But he doesn’t seem to mind (though I didn’t tell him about it until I was sure it wasn’t a complete failure…)

I’ve never attempted a beard before and really struggled with it. Nothing was working! I eventually realised that I couldn’t handle the structure and colour of the hair simultaneously. By ignoring colour and painting in grey I was finally able to make it work. I used the same strategy for the rest of the hair, which I’ve spent the last three days working on during annual leave. I am so sick of his hair.

One thing that I think has made a difference is Clip Studio Paint. I did not like the program when I first tried it a few years ago but now I absolutely love it. I’ve only ever used Photoshop Elements because it came free with my tablet and Photoshop is too expensive for me (I know nowadays there is a monthly subscription but I don’t use programs frequently enough to justify it). The standard version of Clip Studio Paint is a great price and offers so much more than Photoshop Elements. I wish I had discovered the program earlier. It certainly made squishing his face late in the process much easier.

And here’s some screenshots of my progress from “WTF is this ugly thing?” to “I survived making a thing that looks pretty good”:



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