Meme Fail

A friend shared this adorable yet embarrassing meme on Facebook.


I’m the kind of person who twitches at the zoo when people mistake african wild dogs for hyenas. Or worse, mistake brolgas for pelicans. They don’t even look similar! So I can’t let this meme go.

Adorable: yes. Newborn alpacas: no.

Come on people! This is the age of the internet, where simple knowledge is just a search engine away (in related news, I forgot how to spell “shared” and needed to google it). It might just be a funny meme but humour is no excuse to throw your brain out the window.

This is a newborn alpaca. Only a few hours old:

Say hello to Poppy
Say hello to Poppy

Here’s another newborn, meeting a cria that was only a few weeks old:

Yoshi, child of Princess Peach (yes, I named them), meeting Jasper
Yoshi, child of Princess Peach (yes, I named them), meeting Jasper

Now stop making stupid memes and start making good ones.

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Dogs and alpacas

Not only was this Daisy’s first christmas with us but it was also her first meeting with my sister’s dog, Summer.

I’ll admit that I was a little worried that they would not get along. Summer did tend to clash with Kira and Daisy is a jealous dog, pushing poor Rory away so she can have all the pats. Fortunately, it went really well and the only problem was that Summer and Daisy kept playing into Rory while he was trying to sleep. Poor boy.

I don’t think Daisy has had much opportunity to play with other dogs (or people?). She didn’t really understand the play dynamic between three dogs and spent a lot of time barking at Rory and Summer. I’d love to know what her life was like before we rescued her.

Having the family in the one house was also a great opportunity to get my parent’s alpacas shorn for the hot summer ahead. Rounding up the alpacas into  pen was easy. While we waited for the shearer, we took the dogs to the dam. They aren’t normally allowed (alpacas are aggressive to dogs) so it was our first time taking Daisy to swim.


Summer is very much a water dog. Daisy is not. Summer spent the whole time swimming, fetching sticks. Daisy spent a lot of time running madly around the paddock, ignoring my calls. Rory followed her.

When Princess Daisy finally deigned to visit the dam, my poor derp dog didn’t know how to swim with her head above the water! She did not like it at all but couldn’t figure out how the other dogs were doing it. You could see her frustration growing as Summer kept confidently diving after sticks.

“I haz a stick”
“I don’t understand”

The shearer arrived and it was time to get to work. I mainly helped bag the fleece but I also helped shove some of the damn things into the pens. They are strong!

The alpacas were spread eagled on a table with their legs tied to a torture device. They certainly sounded like they were being tortured. I’ve never heard such a high-pitched gargle in my life! Next time I’ll definitely wear ear muffs.

Unsuspecting victims of torture

It took several hours to get through all 23 of them. We were all exhausted in the end. I was too buggered to do anything for the rest of the day. So glad we only have to do this once a year!


Surprise Cria!

I got a message from mum just before I left work on Friday and headed over to her place. She had looked out the window and found a cria (baby alpaca). I certainly timed my visit well!

We didn’t even know we had a pregnant alpaca. All the alpacas have names but we aren’t great at distinguishing between some of the white ones yet. I think the mother might be Lily. The father is definitely Sarge or Cedric, as they’re the only boys that are intact. They were actually chasing after some of the girls while we were admiring the cria and guessing if the other females are pregnant.

It is so tiny and adorable!

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Cristmas round up

Another christmas come and gone. Another large pile of wrapping paper to throw away. Kira spent much of the day parked in front of my uncle for food.


After christmas was an alpaca round-up to transport them to my parent’s new property. They aren’t tame and are a real bitch to catch so my parents recruited two other families to help out. It wasn’t hard to round them into the corner but loading them onto the transport was trickier (and hilarious to watch). A few people got spat on.

There were 20 alpacas in total so they had to be transported in two loads. The ones left behind spent the whole time making adorable noises. 

Neighbour’s dog loves to watch the alpacas

Sarge and Whisky

Two months ago Sarge the alpaca broke his leg. Yesterday the vet came over and removed the cast. There was a bit of rubbing but the bone is all healed. Yay!

We took Sarge and Whisky back to our block of land where the other alpacas are. Thankfully none of them spat on us.
Once again Sarge was fine and curious. But poor Whisky. He must have been really freaked out by our grabbing Sarge. He spent the whole car trip shaking. He leaned heavily into me, which was quite nice (aside from the fact that he was distressed).

Such a strong neck!