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Camellia flower cross stitch


2015MayIt started with a flower on my lawn. I was taken by the sunlight falling on the flower so I turned it into pixel art. I love pixel art. From there I decided to turn the pixel art into cross stitch. I haven’t been satisfied with my two previous flower designs and I thought this one just might be good enough.

The pixel art did not translate well into cross. The contrast was simply too low for the light petals and it did not look good. It was fortunate that I picked this up early on so I didn’t have as much unpicking to do. For the light petals I ended up ignoring my design and making it up as I stitched, which was kind of fun. Except when I had to transfer my changes to the pattern for selling – that really wasn’t fun.

For the framing I tried a different shop that was closer to home and I like the work they have done but they have put the hook on the wrong way! I specifically told them what way it should be and they mucked it up. I had to wait over a month for the framing to be done and then they weren’t open when I was available so I had to wait another few weeks to collect it. After all that I really can’t be bothered going back and asking them to fix it so my boyfriend will move the hooks for me over the weekend.

I’m selling the pdf pattern on my mother’s website so if you like it then please purchase it.

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Angel cross stitch

I can’t believe I’ve finally finished this! Woohoo!

Angel Cross Stitch
As usual, the photo does not do it justice

I started this shortly after Kira the dog died. So from conception to framing, it’s taken well over a year to complete.

As usual with my original designs, I started by creating a pixel art piece and manually converting it into a cross stitch pattern. Then I spent months figuring out how the hell to make it work out. It’s both a frustrating and satisfying process. It might not seem like it but most of the cross stitch has deviated from the original pixel art. Pretty much all of it has been unstitched and redone to get it just right.

Some of the problem was that a single square of colour just wasn’t right (to me, at least) and I just had to change it. This is fine for pixel art – all I need to do is one simple tap of my tablet pen. And if I change my mind, there is always Ctrl+Z. With cross stitch, changing a single stitch requires unpicking a whole damn thread, followed by restitching. Heaven forbid I change my mind again and have to unstitch it all over again. Sometimes I can be a very undecided person. But the end results make it worth it. 🙂

You can see in the progress shots below that I spent a fair bit of time trying out different colour combinations (and then unpicking them…). The red hair didn’t work, the skin was too dark, the brown hair had the wrong contrast, the wings looked better paler…I thought it’d never end!


I’m selling the pattern on my mum’s website if anyone is interested. Please help fund my future projects 😉

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Angel Pixel Art

I’m not really a fantasy cross stitcher. My walls are covered with wolves, tigers, marine creatures, birds, etc. Which is odd as I love fantasy art, novels, and games.

For a while now I’ve been tempted to design my own human-based cross stitch along the lines of a rengency portrait. I’ve been putting it off for years because the thought of making a good face intimidated me. A few months ago I drew a few heads but none of them felt right. And then Kira the dog died and I thought to try an angel in her colours (red fur, blue collar).

Before I continued, I thought it would be a good idea to cross stitch the face. There would be no point putting all this effort into something that was a big fail.

At this point, I didn’t care about optimal coloured threads so it does look pretty dreadfull. But I could see the potential there and decided to keep going with the project. Except for the hair. That is fail hair.

That’s the easy part done. It remains to be seen whether I can actually turn this into a cross stitch. I have a feeling that I have some frustrating months ahead of me.

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Craft and Quilt Fair

The Craft and Quilt Fair was on a month earlier this year. I combined my annual trek with a visit to my parent’s home to spend time with my favourite doggies. Daisy was very excited to see me and wanted lots of cuddles. She is doing really well in her new home. She is a lot happier and loves to play with Rory. Daisy even managed to catch a rabbit!
There were some really beautiful fabrics at the craft fair this year but I had to show some self-restraint. My art fund was significantly depleted from getting my kookaburra cross stitch framed. And my usual winter market didn’t run this year so I haven’t had much opportunity to sell things and add to my fund.
Nevertheless, I saw this lovely owl cross stitch and threw my budget out the window…as if I don’t have enough cross stitch…
Sometimes what makes a cross stitch really special is the choice in framing. I think not all sellers realise this, as many of their display samples don’t have well thought out framing and the designs look ordinary and unappealing. But this owl was well framed with white matting and it looked gorgeous amongst the mediocre.
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To market!

While my mum is in the country doing a weekend craft expo, I ran our regular winter stall yesterday. It’s only the second time I’ve ran a stall on my own, but the first that I’ve travelled and set up by myself.

I travelled via public transport and was limited by what I could take. No glass plates or big display stands. So I spread out the alpaca beanies, which turned out to be very popular. It has been really chilly the past week.

The market started slow but it turned into a very good day. I ended up selling more than my mum did. I win!

Between customers, I occupied my time by stitching sky. I decided not to do clouds but then I ended up forgetting the powerline! Now I’ll have to go back and unpick a lot of it. Maybe an hour’s worth of work? At least it’s only half-stitch…

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Art Dump

Urg, work is starting to wear me down. All the hoops I have to jump through…and then I get in trouble because I jumped through the wrong hoops and didn’t fill in the hoop-jumping document.
At least it’s the weekend and I can recharge with baking, gaming, and art.

Lips and noses still frustrate me, but I’m getting much better (with the help of tutorials for reference). I am really pleased with my progress painting faces.

I really have no idea what to do with the background…

I’m always yo-yoing between no drawing and lots of drawing. While my last sketching craze was regency portraits, this time around it’s gaming fanart. I’m currently playing The Last Story and I love the game. It’s hard to stay mad at work dramas when you can trip people over with bananas and the lead male characters are having serious conversations in their jocks (I clothe the females though).

OMG, I drew males and they don’t completely suck. Victory!

I’ve started working on a cross-stitch based on this pixel art. I really don’t know if the colours will work out, particularly the sky. Already the white lacks the right contrast so I’ve left it to try out the wing. I really hope it works out.

Does anyone know how to take photos of cross stitch? The colours never come out right.