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Princess Peach

I can’t believe I’ve finished this monstrosity. I started it 10 months ago! Talk about over-ambitious. But absolutely worth it.

This is Princess Peach from the Mario Bros. series. The picture is based on the painting Queen Margherita of Savoy by Charles Edouard Boutibonne. This is the second time I’ve made fanart using an old painting. I would like to do it again but not anytime soon!

I deserve a nap.

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Japan Adventures – Tokyo National Museum and Maricar

Our third day in Japan was hot and sticky. I’m still accustomed to chilled mornings and evenings so 30C and humid was not nice. A good day for a museum.

Tokyo National Museum is located in Ueno Park along with a variety of other museums as well as Ueno Zoo. But the National Museum is extensive and more of an all day activity. There are three main buildings – one focusing on Japanese art over time, one on archiological findings, and one on art across Asia. I found it really interesting to see how Japan changed over time and was influenced by surrounding regions. Most of the museum was accessible to English speakers.






I did get annoyed at the silly tourists. They were loud and totally ignored the no photo signs on some individual pieces. Show some respect guys.

The next day was lovely weather, which was perfect for our Maricar booking. From culture to geeky! We spent three hours go karting around Tokyo in costume and it was such an incredible existence. Even if you aren’t into Mario, this is definitely worth doing (except on a Friday. Our guide told us Fridays are horrible).

The costumes do show their age with rips and stains, which is to be expected. What I was disappointed in was the lack of girly options. I nabbed the only Princess Peach dress so all the other ladies had to make do with a Luigi dress.

Our guide did ignore speed limits. We did go 70km/hr on Rainbow Bridge, which has 40 and 50 limits! But it did feel really date and above all, lots of fun.


Getting my geek on

I’ve just come home from┬áthree days of christmas (and one day of alpaca shearing).

My sister gave me a Windwaker HD Nendroid figurine. It is so adorable! Some people like to keep things in their boxes but not me. I see no reason in owning cool things and not enjoying them. Naturally, I had to open it up and try out some poses. Excuse me while I have a fangirl moment…

WindwakerNow I am home, unpacking all my christmas goodies. My study already has enough figurines (all from my sister…) so I’ve placed my Link in front of the TV with my 3DS treasure chest. How can I possibly choose a single pose for my figurine?

I would give him four arms if I could


There should be an award for that

It took me 140 hours over three months but I have just completed all 200 achievements in Xenoblade Chronicles. Even the stupid annoying ones. It’s like the game-makers wanted you to hate the game when you finished. I bet they were laughing at the pub just thinking about the poor stubborn fools determined to kill 5000 enemies and revive KO’d characters 500 times.

I don’t think anyone cares but that’s 140 hours of my life gone so dammit, I’m going to share.

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Stupid grey

Following on from my last post, I’ve been working in the afternoons on three dolls for Miss Doll Gamer 2012.

I’m starting to regret my choice in shading. It would have been much easier had I gone down the pixel shading route. I spent hours shading and deleting because I couldn’t get the skin and face right. And the hair. I have done grey hair before and it was fine but this was agony. I hate the hair of the second one but it turned out well as blue hair so I’ll just submit the grey for the contest but keep the blue. Who cares if I don’t do as well in that round?

Bases by Elven Crystaline

Seriously, how do game developers manage to pick these colours and make it work together? This isn’t the first time I’ve had trouble with the colours for fanart.

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Time drain

I have decided to enter Miss Doll Gamer 2012. My choice in character is Melia from Xenoblade Chronicles. Such an awesome game.

I’m trying very hard to finish all the rounds at once. I did that last year for the Ladies of Pokemon pageant and felt very satisfied working on it all at once. But that was an orginal character without many details and on a smaller base. The amount of details for this is massive and taking up so much time. The afternoon flies by so quickly it feels like someone’s stealing my time. Surely it didn’t take that long to draw a gun. Really?
And those angles are a bitch.

Bases by Elven Crystaline

Why do I do this to myself? The plan was to spend this month finishing off projects that have been gathering dust. Not starting new things that take forever.
And the stupid thing is that I want to try adding backgrounds. Not that I know what I’m doing or anything…


Day 4. Three hours of work. In which I say “Shoes take how long?”


Gaming blah

“Heropon Riki saves the day”

After about 145 hours of Xenoblade Chronicles, I decided that it was time to end it. That’s what happens to me, I’m dead keen on collecting everything (in this case, achievements) but then I get sick of it and just end the game. Do I really want to spend hours letting my companions die so I can revive them again and again to mark off another achievement? Boring. So I faced the enemy and kicked butt.
A lame end battle(s) to an epic game. Apparently the end is no challenge when you’re on level 98 (thanks to trying to get all the achievements). And I thought the explanation at the end was silly. Final cutscene was good though.
Despite being less than thrilled by the ending, this game is definitely on my favourites list. Even if it didn’t have all the silly outfits (I’m quite a fan of giving everyone glasses. They look good). Game developers take note of this game. And give me more silly outfits.

What isn’t on my list is Skyward Sword. I gave up on finishing Zelda. I collected the triforce (loved that dungeon BTW) and was pumped to fight the final bosses. But then I got there and realised that my fighting skills are still lacking and I have a sore shoulder. So I watched it all on YouTube. I have to say that I like the ending. I particularly like the start of the credits when you see some of Zelda’s perspective.
I feel bad not taking a shine to Skyward Sword. There were many aspects of the game that I really liked. But I had trouble getting past the many things that I didn’t like. It also feels like the game has ignored many of the things that I loved about previous Zelda games, while retaining many of the things that I didn’t like. That and fighting Ghirahim hurts my arm. If I want pain then I’ll punch a wall.

I don’t have anymore Wii games to play so I’ve moved onto Dragon Quest VI. It had an ocarania right at the start so it already kicks Zelda’s butt. I got the game last year and was planning to save it for going overseas. But I suspect that wont be happening anymore. Hence the anxiety and job-hunting.